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24 maart 2022 -- Frontview Magazine


Broker Hadisa Suleyman (33, Ghent) strengthens jury members Gert and Cerina.

Hadisa Suleyman is a self-made entrepreneur and founded her own real estate agency Estate Of Mind in 2016.
Real estate flows through her veins. At a young age she already renovated three apartments and a town house to sell. But Hadisa is more than a real estate agent.
She also gives lectures and inspirational speeches about entrepreneurship and wants to push people to get the best out of themselves. In 2019 Hadisa was chosen as role model for Ghent starters in the 'trendsetter' category.

Hadisa Suleyman: “Winning Euromillions means nothing to me. I want to earn my place and my success for myself. In Ghent I am one of the only real estate agents with a tan. That's a real problem. People need to realize that it is possible. When I started as a real estate agent, many said that my dream was completely unattainable, but it has become a reality. I'm going for the story. A home is a home, but a story sells. I think you also have to think commercially from the jury, because one day the house may have to be sold and in that area I can be a real added value. No one is as close to the people as the real estate agent.”

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